JS Belgrade Community Survey
How did you hear about JS Belgrade? *

How would you rate JS Belgrade so far? *

How many of our meetups have you attended so far? *

If you attended at least some of them, which one was the best and why?

Do you plan to come to one of our next meetups?

How do you like our speakers so far?

Who would you like to see as a speaker on some of our future meetups and why? *

Would you like to be a speaker on one of our next meetups?

Do you like the format with one longer theme and only 1 speaker?

What would be a better format and why? Is that applicable for domestic speakers only or for all of them?

Is Saturday afternoon best time for a meetup? If not, what would be your preferred time and why?

Would you like to be more involved in the community?

That includes meeting more people from local community, using Slack/IRC for communication, doing some open-source things with the other members, writing articles for our website, helping us with organizing Meetups, Node School and other workshops or just hanging out with speakers and other members, drinking beer and talking about JS and other topics.
Is there anything that we could do better to make it easier for you to join the community?

Would you like to join us for Beer.js?

Casual meetup at some local bar for a beer, talking about JS and maybe some hacking together, ie. each second Thursday at 7pm
If the answer was "yes", what's the format which would work the best for you? If the answer was "no", why?

Would you like to read some interesting articles about JS and Node.js on our website?

And would you be interested in writing some of them?

What is you preferred way of getting the news regarding JS Belgrade meetups and workshops?

Are you using Slack?

If you want to join us go to http://slack.jsbelgrade.org or ping us on twitter (@JSBelgrade)
Would you like to have JS Belgrade stickers, t-shirts or some other memorabilia?

If you have any other suggestion use "other" option or ping us on twitter/slack

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

Feedback or suggestions are always welcome
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